Committed to Sustainable practices

Hey there, eco-conscious coffee lovers! At Zero 6, we take sustainability seriously while still delivering the perfect brew. That's why we've ditched the plastic and embraced the world of compostables or our newer paper recyclable bags/recyclable. Our coffee beans are happily snuggled up in home compostable / paper recyclable bags with a special one-way valve to preserve their pristine quality. Not only do we keep your coffee fresh, but we also do our part for the environment.

But wait, there's more! When it comes to shipping your coffee goodness, we've got you covered with compostable shipping bags made from plant-based materials and PBAT. No plastics allowed! We're all about reducing waste and keeping our footprint light and breezy. We're always open to new ideas and suggestions on how we can become even greener, so your feedback is more than welcome.

So join us in sipping guilt-free coffee that's good for your taste buds and the planet. Together, let's make a positive impact and enjoy every flavorful sip, knowing we're doing our part to create a brighter, greener future. Cheers to sustainability, one delicious cup at a time!