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Late Night Hour | Zero Caffeine | Premium Espresso Blend

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Roast level: light Medium 
Origins: Honduras/Indonesia/Ethiopia
Flavour profile: Chocolate, stone fruits, citric jam and light peppery aftertaste


Amidst its caffeinated companions, Late Night Hour stands tall and distinguished. Late Night Hour is our exceptional decaf blend, designed for those who seek a milder buzz, yet still desire the pleasures of coffee throughout the day. It undergoes a meticulous decaffeination process, utilising the Swiss water method—a chemical-free and environmentally friendly approach.

In a world where coffee often reigns supreme with its energising effects, Late Night Hour breaks the mould. It offers the ability to saviour the rich flavours and comforting ritual of coffee, without the caffeine kick. Whether you yearn for a late-night indulgence or seek a midday pick-me-up without interfering with a restful night's sleep, Late Night Hour is your steadfast companion.