Frequently asked questions

Shipping on all orders under $60 is a flat fee of $6 anywhere in NZ. Shipping on all orders over $60 is free.

Local, Porirua, delivers are free, typically done on the Monday (once a week)

We do not accept returns of coffee beans/grounds as this is a fresh product and we package all of our coffee fresh to order.

If the bag of coffee is an error on our part, we’ll replace it for the correct order.

Air tight containers are best, kept in the cupboard (out of the light). Whole beans will last between 3~6 months (unopened). If opened, consume within 3~6 months (ideally within a month tbh). Ground coffee will degrade quicker (the oxidation process begins immediately). I recently cupped a Kenya bean that had been frozen 2 years, & it was very pleasant. So that's an option. In short, the older the bean, the less pleasant it will become - no aromas, and the true characteristics of the coffee will be lost.

We aim to ship orders within 48hrs.

What is the peak time to brew your fresh coffee beans? The answer is 42 (click here for help on that answer). There are several variables that complicate the answer, but most coffees reach their peak between 4 & 14 days after roasting. This allows time for the beans to degas (releasing carbon dioxide, created during the roasting process). Too soon, and your coffee may taste, grassy