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We don't just supply, we partner with our Cafe's to ensure their customers get the best coffee experience.
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Why Choose Zero6 Coffee

Ethical & Sustainable

We splurge a bit for the fairtrade and organic beans, but it’s totally worth it. You can enjoy your brew, knowing the farmers are getting well-deserved moolah – supporting eco-friendly cultivation. Oh, and there's our recyclable / compostable bags too. Together, we're all part of a global coffee community that cares.
We’re small batch, specialty coffee roasters. Nothing mass produced here & no warehousing or shelved coffee. Only freshly roasted coffee, providing a more vibrant and enjoyable coffee experience, with heightened flavours, aromas, and the satisfaction of knowing you're savouring coffee at its best.

Specialty Coffee

Here at Zero6 Coffee, we focus on providing high-quality coffee roasts while retaining the unique flavours and nuances of the beans' origin. Specialty coffee is all about a higher level of awareness, (third wave – light/medium roasting) where the beans are carefully selected, roasted, and brewed to highlight their distinct characteristics.

Support Local Businesses

We're all about that local love, helping our communities grow, and making sure we all thrive together. Additionally, this further supports reducing our carbon footprint right – win-win. Cheers to keeping it close, real, and the community strong.
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Pauatahanui Inlet

Zero6 Coffee Co, where we believe in bringing people together
and connecting through coffee. We love how coffee has contributed to us spending time with the amazing people in our lives and how we get to know each other a little bit better with each cup. We vocally support a cause a lot bigger than coffee, one which our Nightfall blend is dedicated to, read more about us here...